On this almost spring afternoon,

a wish for the blessing of words,

words to seal a promise.


A promise which carries your history

into the future, joined hand in hand.

Words spoken, words left unsaid.

All before this day is prelude and preface.


As a mother, I have given you life,

a life you have made your own,

I now offer these wishes.


I wish you love like water

flowing into an ocean of happiness.

Tides rising and washing ashore,

bliss in the comfort of stars and

moonlight on water.


I wish you memories,

treasures like shells on a beach,

yours for safe-keeping.


I wish you happiness like air,

breathing life in the kiss of wind,

as it sweeps through the garden.


Once a little girl running and playing

with a pail and shovel,

now grown and gowned in white,

you are surrounded by all who love you.


Celebrate this gift you give

to each other, a gift greater than

the rings slipped round your fingers.

This is love…it is yours.

My wish for your wedding.


                             Lorraine Walker Williams


About the poem: When my daughter was married this spring, I was asked to write and recite a poem at the ceremony. They called me “Mother Laureate” which challenged me to get the words right.

Happy Mother’s Day!