Can Landscaping Impact your Property Value? – Definitely!

We all know the value of curb appeal when trying to sell a property. Buyers have been known to refuse to view a house or condo because they don’t like the way it looks. One way to combat this initial reaction is to improve the curb appeal.

Landscaping plays a huge role in this appeal. A thought out plan for the landscaping can make the difference between selling and not selling. It also can impact the amount you get for your property by a significant amount (

If you lack a green thumb or a vision for how your property can be enhanced by plantings, consult a professional. If you like a neighbors plantings, you may want to ask them who does their landscaping. Asking the person who cuts your grass may not work that well. Island landscaping is a bit tricky with our semi-tropical climate.

The same goes for condo complexes. The Condo Association needs to ensure that the property looks appealing or all owners will loose value.

Bottom line – be objective. If your property doesn’t look great when you drive up, take action!. Old plants with leggy limbs, palm trees with dead fronds hanging, un-mulched gardens all give the appearance of “who cares?” You will when it comes time to sell.