Steve Greenstein of race premier sponsor Sanibel-Captiva Trust Co. and Ed Ridlehoover, FISH vice chair, flank Matthew Slagle, winner of the annual 10K Race 4 FISH Saturday, Oct. 15. (Below) Greenstein and John Pryor, FISH board chair, get together before the start. (Below right) A group of runners make the final turn before the finish line. (Bottom) The field of nearly 400 runners leaves the starting line. SC photos by David Staver
Steve Greenstein of race premier sponsor Sanibel-Captiva Trust Co. and Ed Ridlehoover, FISH vice chair, flank Matthew Slagle, winner of the annual 10K Race 4 FISH Saturday, Oct. 15. (Below) Greenstein and John Pryor, FISH board chair, get together before the start. (Below right) A group of runners make the final turn before the finish line. (Bottom) The field of nearly 400 runners leaves the starting line. SC photos by David Staver

Hurricane Matthew missed Sanibel. Matthew Slagle and his Westminster, Pa., College cross country teammates didn't. They blew onto the island with force Saturday, Oct. 15, for the eighth running of the 10K Race 4 FISH.

Slagle, 22, the No. 1 runner for Westminster, toured the 10-kilometer course that started and ended at Community Park on Periwinkle Way in 37:04.75. The men's and women's cross country teams from the liberal arts college in New Wilmington, Pa., north of Pittsburgh are in Fort Myers to train. They added the Sanibel race to their schedule. Westminster runners swept the top three places in three age groups and nearly a fourth where they finished second and third.

The female winner was much closer to home. That went to Caroline MacKenzie who at age 15 is already a board member for the Fort Myers Track Club, which administered the race. The Fort Myers High School runner got around the course in 42:49.07.

Several islanders figured in the results.

John Bates of Captiva was first in Male Senior Grand Masters. At the other end, Karsten Schafer of Sanibel was first in Male 9-and-under.

Liam Holston, Sanibel, was first in Male 13-15 and Sloan Yelenich, Sanibel, was just two seconds ahead of Peyton Yelenich, Sanibel, for first in Female 13-15. Male and female 65-69 were won by Sanibel residents Roger Timm and Diana Tang.

Islanders who finished second in their divisions were Nancy Craig, Chauncey Goss, Melissa Talmage and Darrin Grotrian.

We have been relaxing and getting in a lot of miles,” Slagle said. “We saw that the race was going on and we talked coach into entering. The island is just fabulous.”

The race started at Sanibel Community Park and Slagle said he was clear of the field by the 1.5-mile mark of the 6.4-mile race.

We had some generous donations from alumni and we raised money on our own to come to Florida and train,” said Slagle, who was interested in getting to a Sanibel beach.

Westminster coach Tim O'Neil won the 40-44 age group.

Rico Triems was second overall in 37:55 with Josh McFall third in 38:00.

MacKenzie realized she was in front of the female field about the midway point of the race.

I felt like I was alone on the course, and then I started getting cheers,” MacKenzie said. “Then I knew I was winning.”

This was her first victory in the 10K Race 4 Fish in five or six attempts, she said.

This is the best I've done by far,” she said.

She will run in the cross country district this coming week.

Manuela Lyons was second behind MacKenzie in 43:23 and third was Morgan Camerlo, 44:00.

This year's race drew 416 entries and 378 took the starting horn in the middle of Periwinkle at 7:30 a.m. Race day is dedicated to F.I.S.H. of SANCAP, which has positively impacted thousands of lives in its more than 30 years of service to those who live, work or visit the islands.

This year's race started at Periwinkle Park due to the reconstruction of the Community House, which has served as race headquarters. The weather cooperated.

We were under a tent outside, but everything went off without a hitch. We couldn't do this without the many volunteers who give their time for this race,” said John Pryor, FISH board chair who served as master of ceremonies at the post-race awards presentations.

All runners received medallions at the finish which were passed out by FISH board members. Steve Greenstein of race premier sponsor Sanibel-Captiva Trust Co. welcomed the runners at the starting line and passed out the awards to winners.



10K Race 4 FISH Results

Saturday, Oct. 15, Sanibel Island

Overall Male Winner

Matthew Slagle, New Wilmington, PA, 37:04.75

Overall Female Winner

Caroline MacKenzie, Fort Myers, 42:49.07

Male Masters

Rico Triems, Offenau, Germany 37:54.20

Female Masters

Mauuela Lyons, Fort Myers, 43:22.33

Male Grand Masters

Jerry Orange, Fort Myers, 41:55.45

Female Grand Masters

Elise Pyun, Northborough, MA, 51:16.93

Male Senior Grand Masters

John Bates, Captiva, 49:16.76

Female Senior Grand Masters

Carol Simonds, Fort Myers, 1:00:48.06

Male 1-9

Karsten Schafer, Sanibel, 1:11:30.94

Male 10-12

1. Ronan Camron, Fort Myers, 44:59.20

2. Hudson Stirner, Fort Myers, 47:58.61

3. Ellito DeCosta, Sanibel, 56:12.54

Female 10-12

1. Piper Kelleher, Fort Myers, 56:56.72

2. Milena Weigel, Fort Myers, 1:31:35.80

3. Mallory Howard, Sanibel, 1:31:35.99

Male 13-15

1. Liam Holston, Sanibel, 38:21.72

2. Kevin Vazquez, Fort Myers, 40:19.31

3. Kolson Kaminski, Fort Myers, 42:06.75

Female 13-15

1. Sloan Yelenich, Sanibel, 1:11:28.52

2. Peyton Yelenich, Sanibel, 1:11:30.20

3. Ava Lyon, Sanibel, 1:11:31.43

Male 16-19

1. Austin Macon, North Fort Myers, 39:37.99

2. Andrew Kearney, New Wilmington, Pa., 41:23.26

3. Cole Keister, New Wilmington, Pa., 48:07.38

Female 16-19

1. Morgan Camerlo, New Wilmington, Pa., 43:59.14

2. Kaitland Schrantz, New Wilmington, Pa., 45:28.50

3. Megan Simpson, New Wilmington, Pa., 45:59.31

Male 20-24

1. Josh McFall, New Wilmington, Pa., 37:59.34

2. Neil Christopher, New Wilmington, Pa., 38:35.59

3. David Wadschmidt, New Wilmington, Pa., 39:28.07

Female 20-24

1. Katelynn Morrell, New Wilmington, Pa., 45:40.34

2. Paige Baierl, New Wilmington, Pa., 46:00.13

3. Kallen Eckert, New Wilmington, Pa., 49:27.53

Male 25-29

1. Tyler Stowell, North Fort Myers, 39:40.23

2. Darrin Grotrian, Sanibel, 51:28.40

3. Joshua Dorsey, Fort Myers, 52:17.09

Female 25-29

1. Christine Hofmann, Fort Myers, 51:05.99

2. Kristen Pasquale, Bonita Springs, 53:00.37

3. Julia Mancini, Bonita Springs, 55:55.89

Male 30-34

1. Chris Moyers, Pineland, 42:32.06

2. Sean Pham, Fort Myers, 45:19.86

3. Michael Timm, Sanibel, 49:02.57

Female 30-34

1. Esther Casimir, Fort Myers, 51:36.68

2. Donna King-Kaya, London, England, 51:46.70

3. Rosa Godoy, Estero, 52:15.02

Male 35-39

1. Matt Moomaw, Fort Myers, 45:56.43

2. Richie Gleason, Fort Myers, 46:08.90

3. Mark Turner, Fort Myers, 51:50.10

Female 35-39

1. Danielle Stoker, Fort Myers, 53:50.34

2. Amber Mazzola, Fort Myers, 54:43.41

3. Amy Selby, Sanibel, 55:08.01

Male 40-44

1. Tim McNeil, New Wilmington, Pa., 39:04.95

2. Rene Ramirez, Fort Myers, 43:02.91

3. Marcus Ziemann, Herne, Germany, 44:50.92

Female 40-44

1. Tammy Kaminski, Fort Myers, 47:24.23

2. Melissa Talmage, Sanibel, 52:40.98

3. Jen Graser, Fort Myers, 53:37.24

Male 45-49

1. Matthew Novack, Delray Beach, 41:45.55

2. Patrick Duncan, Cape Coral, 46:48.86

3. Michael Compagno, St. Petersburg, 57:12.80

Female 45-49

1. Ella Nayor, Fort Myers, 51:18.24

2. Kira Little, Fort Myers, 51:34.11

3. Trisha Tryka, Fort Myers, 52:35.07

Male 50-54

1. Robert Dietz, Bonita Springs, 46:17.69

2. Chauncey Goss, Sanibel, 46:18.02

3. Moulay Souteh, Fort Myers, 54:58.74

Female 50-54

1. Cheryl Cooper, Cape Coral, 52:32.26

2. Nancy Craig, Sanibel, 52:49.58

3. Laurie Frutchey, Fort Myers, 54:58.74

Male 55-59

1. Charlie Moore, Fort Myers, 45:43.31

2. Jay Richter, Fort Myers, 47:00.49

3. Sal Lacagnina, Estero, 52:27.09

Female 55-59

1. Nancy Earle, Fort Myers, 51:56.88

2. Elizabeth Dovey, Fort Myers, 55:35.49

3. Elaine King, Marlborough, U.K., 57:47.42

Male 60-64

1. Clifford Smith, Fort Myers, 53:48.55

2. Gary Milne, North Fort Myers, 58:34.12

3. Michael Arnot, Sanibel, 59:55.54

Female 60-64

1. Patricia Engelman, Fort Myers, 1:04:30.98

2. Jamie Reid, Fort Myers, 1:07:44.22

3. Wendy Piascik, Cape Coral, 1:07:52.72

Male 65-69

1. Roger Timm, Sanibel, :59:22.49

2. James Bowen, Peachtree City, Ga, 1:01:59.39

3. Bill Cornell, Fort Myers, 1:02:40.41

Female 65-69

1. Diana Tang, Sanibel, 1:06:04.08

2. Sandi Faust, North Fort Myers, 1:06:12.21

3. Peggy Gibson, Ottawa, Que., 1:08:13.13

Male 70-79

1. Bill Bond, North Fort Myers, 56:38.46

2. Rocky Madden, Fort Myers Beach, 56:45.67

3. Lou Marjon, North Fort Myers, 1:02:12.87