Sanibel Face Lift

After Hurricane Charley, August 13, 2004


Dr. Charley, was a ragin’ surgeon,

resculpted trees with dermabrasion,

erasing lines from Australian pines,

his liposuction worked quite fine.


Wrinkled trunks and crinkled leaves

were lasered away in Charley’s breeze.

Stump grindin’ smooth those surface bumps,

bulldozers plumped those trees in clumps.


A chemical peel takes way too long,

poisons the environment, much too strong.

Alligator skin, botox smooth,

flew through the air, that witch could move.


Scars to heal, a disaster take-over,

more than cosmetic, an island makeover.

Beyond those drastic nips and tucks,

this face-lift cost some really big bucks.


No one wanted to endure the pain,

but our island’s healin’, lookin’ good again.

Dr. Charley, the truth’s emergin’,

You’re one badass hurricane surgeon!


Lorraine Walker Williams