EDITOR'S NOTE: This week's entry by Santiva Chronicle poet Lorraine Walker Williams is a beautiful villanelle, “Birds Matter.” Her work appears each Thursday in the Santiva Chronicle.

Birds Matter

Up and down the beach, birds gather—

Light tipped wings flap and land onshore,

feathered wave after wave scatters.


Salt brine air fills with bird chatter,

tweeting calls above ocean’s roar.

Up and down the beach, birds gather—


Royal terns, skimmers migrant pattern,

Island hopping, take wing and soar.

Feathered wave upon wave, scatters


along shore. Bird chorus laughter,

pointed beaks search for sea-washed lure

Up and down the sand, birds gather.


Whited wing, orange beak blacker

from fading light, night will obscure.

Wave upon wave, few birds scatter.


Huddled close, whispered wings flutter,

facing into wind birds secure.

Wave upon wave, few birds scatter—

On Sanibel, shore birds gather.


Lorraine Walker Williams


About the Poem: Seeing birds that are oblivious to humans as I walk the beach always touches me. These birds do not yet know fear on the islands where we treasure their presence.