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A Predictable Goodness


I have taken refuge at the edge of the sea,

my feet washed in waves, birds skittering

on shore. I reach for a shell, my hand

lingering in warm sea water, and place

the shell in my pocket to carry

this peacefulness with me.


I am the refugee here, the foreigner

leaving footprints that soon disappear.

I am the interloper as I approach a

flock of birds on shore who scatter

seaward before me.


Yet, the sea welcomes and speaks

without words. I look beyond waves to

that thin line between ocean and sky

where sun’s fire fades in dimming light.

A great calm washes over me.

I have taken refuge at the edge of the sea.


Lorraine Walker Williams


About the poem: This poem was written after seeing a photographic exhibit on refugees. I began thinking about what refuge means and how in our country we have the privilege of seeking refuge in daily life.

Happy Thanksgiving!