Dolphin Daze


Black fins surface offshore,

we stand and stare, linger there.

Dolphin arc baring their white bellies,

shameless, racing into surf.


We are fools for nature,

mesmerized by their looping leaps.


Dolphin thrust slippery skin cresting air,

keeping pace, swimming, circling, diving

close and closer to shore,

too quick to capture on camera.


Yet they capture us, cast us

into their net of grace and beauty.


For a few moments we become one

with these wild creatures,


holding moments close, until

they disappear and we turn toward home,


lapping waves growing fainter,

full moon rising overhead.


Lorraine Walker Williams


About this poem: Walking the beach we see dolphin offshore and watch them swim closer until they are within breaking waves. It was quite a show in the waters off Sanibel. No matter how many times I have seen them, it is always a thrill to experience their freedom and playfulness. I use the couplet (2 line) form throughout the poem to express quick movement.