Chris Koerner photo
Chris Koerner photo
Moon Set


Last night the moon shone full, cold and white.

How many moons rise and set in life?


Seems right how moon

divides its time—hides its shadow side.


Dawn moon glows gold

enfolds emerging light.


Showering bright in a sea of stars,

moon beckons with its beams,


awakens with its light,

slips through blinds, and


dapples moon gloss on the wall.

A silent call heard within the heart—


Arise, gaze at fading light.

resting in the breath of night.


Lorraine Walker Williams


About the Poem: The music in this poem appears in the beauty of rising before dawn to lunar light and owning the silence that reflects the path of the moon as it sets and the paths we have traveled under so many full moons.

Moon Set is forthcoming in the anthology, Poems of the Super Moon from Pen Women Press (2015)