Santiva Chronicle poet Lorraine Walker Williams was granted a leave of absence from the islands. In return she has given us a new poem, a beauty inspired by an Hawaiian beach. Lorraine's work appears each Thursday in the Santiva Chronicle.


Meditation on Surf

                     North Shore, Oahu

Wave after wave rushes,

roars toward shore.

foam beards water line.


Steady, low roll

bubbles milky froth,

streaming a bridal veil,

lace trailing.


Stark white pixels,

spun sugar, a moment

before it melts.


A dozen robed monks

prostrate in prayer,

flowing hair of an old woman.


Remnants of lilies

strewn on water,

spent cinders floating.


Wave after wave rises,

surging majestic,

momentary in their power.


Wind-blown spray—

Snow showers glazing windows

warm steam on panes

where a child scrawls her name.


           Lorraine Walker Williams

About the Poem: Watching surf early morning, the sound and visual rhythm takes me to another place, clears my mind, and allows me to be, just be. Then the images come.