Gaillardia, also known as Blanket Flower, is a native perennial that blooms throughout the summer and well into the fall. Often, it can be seen blooming year round in bright sun areas that are protected from our cool northern winds.

The flowers of the Gaillardia grow on long stems and are often varied in color from deep oranges to soft yellows as a result of natural hybridization. This flowering native is very versatile and can be grown as a groundcover anywhere in Florida but can also be showy and successful in containers. It's ability to tolerate extreme heat, sun, salt and sandy soils makes it a great choice for coastal landscapes such as those along both Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

Gaillardia attracts butterflies and is also popular with our ever-present honeybees on the golf course. Often, it can be purchased in one-gallon containers. The SCCF Native Landscapes and Garden Center at the Bailey Homestead is sure to have it on hand year-round and I'm betting that Jenny would be glad to help you with picking some out for your home. Additionally, we have had excellent results with seeding this tough perennial in larger areas. We typically plant in the more mild winter months, provide water for establishment and then watch them grow and grow in the spring and early summer to become a short, dense mound of attractive foliage and tall beautiful flowers.

Give Gaillardia a try in your landscape......this native doesn't disappoint!