The Snowy Egret is a beautiful, small, graceful egret known for it's contrasting yellow feet. Following great reductions in numbers in the early 1900's due to the plume trade, protection of the bird brought back the population and it is now more widespread and common than ever.

It often forages actively, walking or running in shallow water but can also be observed standing still and waiting patiently for prey to approach. The Snowy Egret feeds on fish, insects, crabs, crayfish, frogs, snakes, lizards and small rodents. With such a varied diet, there is no shortage of food around Southwest Florida and it's barrier islands. The Snowy Egret can be observed in a variety of habitats, from the quiet thick wooded edges of freshwater wetlands to the tumultuous shoreline of our local beaches.

Florida hosts the Snowy Egret all throughout the year along with other states in the Southeast and southern California. Migration is common for birds that breed in the Northeastern United States, with some birds documented to travel south into Mexico and further into South America during our winter months.

The key I.D. features for the Snowy Egret are the medium size of the bird, the yellow skin at the base of the bill, black legs and yellow feet. Keep your eyes out for this one, a common yet beautiful bird all around the islands.