For the 5th consecutive year noted wildlife expert and video producer, Shawn Carey, will kick off the annual Sanibel-Captiva Audubon lecture series to be held in 2019 at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays in January and February at the Sanibel Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way.

As always, all are welcome to attend with doors opening at 6:30 p.m., and parking available at the Community House as well as across Periwinkle Way in the Herb Strauss Theater parking area. A $10.00 donation per attendee is appreciated with proceeds after costs being used to promote conservation on Sanibel and in Florida.

This year’s line-up also includes San-Cap Audubon lecture favorites Ken Burgener, Rick Bunting and Bill Heyd as well as Sanibel's own all time favorite, Charles LeBuff. For additional information, call Bill Jacobson at (239) 395-1878 or visit the San-Cap Audubon Web site at www.san-capaudubon.org.

January 3, 2019“Looking Through the Lens” – Join wildlife photographer, educator and guide, Shawn Carey, as he kicks off our lecture season by sharing the "Observations of a Wildlife Photographer". Shawn will use his remarkable photos to highlight the discoveries he has made on his many trips to prime wildlife locations.

January 10, 2019"Ecuador: Andes & Galapagos - Where Wildlife Rules"Ken Burgener, world birder and founder of CarefreeBirding.com is back to take us on a unique trip to discover the intriguing birds and creatures inhabiting this exotic location. Prior to this lecture Ken and Community House Chef Jarred Harris will host a separately charged Ecuadorian Dinner for those attendees who really want to get into the spirit of Ken's program. Contact the Community House for Ecuadorian dinner details.

January 17, 2019"Images to Inspire: Wonderful Wood Warblers" – San-Cap Audubon’s own Bill Heyd is back to utilize his remarkable photographs and research to provide us entry into the intimate activities of these unique and elusive birds.

January 24, 2019"600 Birds the Easy Way” – Discover what avid birders David & Tammy McQuade have learned about the how and where required to quickly accomplish their yearly task of viewing 600 bird species. They will include many exquisite photos of the subjects of their quest.

January 31, 2019“Hummingbirds of the Northern Andes” – From many trips to the region, Peter Hawrylyshyn will detail his experiences observing and photographing many of the over 150 colorful and unique Hummingbird species that inhabit these high peaks.

February 7, 2019 - "2018 Stories From the Roadside Naturalist" – Join Rick Bunting as he again utilizes his unique perspective and superb photos to visually elaborate on new activities at his favorite locations for observing nature.

February 14, 2019“Protecting Sanibel & Captiva -The Conservation Story ” – Long time island historians and authors Betty Anholt & Charles LeBuff will visually discuss the aspects and history of the islands conservation ethics to which they have each made major contributions and is the subject of their newly published book.

February 21, 2019"Elevate Your Bird Photography” - Using many of his excellent photos as examples Paul McKenney will give practical advice that can be used in the field to improve one's birding observations and photos.

February 28, 2019 “From Maine to Florida; My Journey with Seabirds” - Adam DiNuovo, Collier Monitoring and Stewardship Program Manager for Audubon Florida, will discuss his unique experiences conducting seabird research, from Atlantic Puffins in Maine to Black Skimmers in SW Florida.