The Sanibel City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 1, will pass a resolution creating a committee to review the city charter. Although the application deadline is still almost a month away, a dozen people have already applied.

The formation of the Charter Review Committee will come as part of the 9 a.m. Tuesday regular meeting of City Council at City Hall. The City Council will vote on a resolution which in its pre-meeting form calls for seven members and two alternates.

The purpose and function of the City of Sanibel Charter Review Committee shall be to review the current City of Sanibel Charter and provide recommendations to the Sanibel City Council regarding whether the Charter is sufficient and appropriate as currently written or whether amendments to the Charter are warranted and, if so, to provide recommendations on amendments determined to be appropriate or necessary,” the resolution reads.

The committee “shall not be required to meet a minimum number of times but shall meet sufficient times to fulfill its purpose and function,” the resolution continues.

Mayor Kevin Ruane is designated as the City Council liaison to the committee and City Manager Judie Zimomra as the city staff liaison. The two committee alternates will have an active role in discussions but will not have a vote. Alternates will fill vacant spots on the committee should they arise.

The charter calls for a review each 10 years on the decade year, but the last one was in 1991 and one was not done in 2000 or 2010.