Gas prices have spiked here and nationwide.
Gas prices have spiked here and nationwide.

Hurricane Harvey hit the other side of the Gulf of Mexico, but the massive storm's effect is being felt at the gas pumps here, along with everywhere else.

Category 4 Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast and the historic rainfall and resulting flooding knocked 13 major oil refineries off line, along with a critical pipeline. The effect nationwide has been immediate and that extends to service stations on Sanibel and nearby.

The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline was $2.51 on Friday, Sept. 1, as reported by the American Automobile Association. AAA expects prices to go even higher before quickly dropping in mid or late September. The Friday price represented a 16-cent increase from a week ago.

Florida sits slightly below the national average at $2.47 a gallon, according to AAA. That is 19 cents higher than a week ago.

The average price per gallon in the Fort Myers-Cape Coral area is $2.47, AAA said, with the price of mid-grade spiking to $2.72 and premium to $2.97. That represents a huge overnight jump from $2.38 for regular on Thursday, Aug. 31. The average price a month ago was $2.27 and a year ago $2.18.

The price has also spiked at popular destinations for the Labor Day weekend. Prices in Orlando and Miami made jumps similar to Fort Myers with a gallon regular selling a $2.54 in Miami on Friday.