The American Green Tree Frog is a small frog, 1.5 - 2.5 inches in length, that is distributed throughout the Southeastern United States that greatly varies in color from bright green to gray or yellow. It has a light cream colored belly with a light white or yellow stripe running along the side of it's jaw and along it's body. It's often found in marshes, swamps and along the edges of lakes and ponds. Sanibel's many interior wetlands are great habitat for the Green Tree Frog. They are very active at night pursuing a meals of small insects and invertebrates, often near exterior lighting, and typically can be found on the underside of leaves sleeping during the day, avoiding any harsh bright sunlight.

They are sometimes called Rain Frogs. Some believe that they are good indicators of rainy weather to come since they call the loudest during times of damp weather. The invasive Cuban Tree Frog is a gray / brown tree frog that is often seen in similar habitats and the Green Tree Frog. Hopefully, looking carefully, you can catch a glimpse of the Green Tree Frog around the islands as the wetter summer weather heads our way.