The Black Skimmer is truly a treat to see in action. The skimmer flies low, with its large lower mandible plowing through the water, snapping the bill shut when coming into contact with a fish.

The graceful precision of the hunt is unlike any other bird and skimmers are sometimes placed in their own family, although they are truly related to the terns. Black Skimmers are coastal throughout most of North America and can often be seen in large flocks resting on sand bars and beaches.

The Sanctuary provides suitable habitat for skimmers with our many golf course lakes and wetland water bodies throughout and adjacent to the golf course. Similar to another recent shore bird we highlighted, the Killdeer, the Black Skimmer nests on the ground in what's referred to as a Scrape and can be anywhere from a sandy beach to a gravel roof.

Interestingly, the mandibles of the young chicks are equal in length at hatching so it is easier for them to feed on the fish brought by either parent, but grow to be uneven with a much larger lower mandible prior to the time of fledging.

Keep a look out for the Black Skimmer on the calm bay waters and our saltwater lagoons all around the islands. You won't forget the sight!