The Eastern Phoebe is in the Flycatcher family and is considered an early migrant, bringing with it hope that spring is at hand. They often nest on buildings and bridges and prefer woodland edge habitat, which makes the golf course a great place for it to spend it's days hunting for food during the winter months in Florida. It's common winter range to be found is from the coastal Carolinas, along the Southeastern U.S. shoreline to western Texas. The Phoebe feeds on mostly insects such as small wasps, bees, beetles, flies and grasshoppers. In many cases, it catches flying insects in mid-air for a meal. The Phoebe also eats fruits and berries during the cooler months and these are considered an important part of the winter diet. Although not seen on the islands at this time of the year, the Phoebe is a great birdwatching favorite to keep an eye out for during our Florida winters.