The Red-shouldered Hawk is seen and often heard all around Sanibel and Captiva throughout the entire year. This mid-size hawk lives throughout the pine woods in the interior parts of Florida and easily adapts to perching amongst the buttonwoods and mangroves along the coast. The Red-shouldered Hawk is often heard before it is seen. A typical sighting of this hawk would be it perched on a branch, wire or fence along the edge of a wooded area, patiently waiting for it's prey to come out of the woodline so it can swoop down and grab a meal. Their diet includes small mammals, snakes, small birds, large insects and occasionally fish. They return to the same nesting territory year after year, where the female lays 3-4 pale bluish-white blotched eggs . The parents work together to incubate and eventually feed the young for up to 4 months, long after they have actually left the nest. That's some devoted parenting!

I hope you get a view of one of the many Red-shouldered Hawks here on the islands this season.