Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen departed Sanibel Island by motorcade just after 3 p.m. on Friday, April 14, ending a week long vacation on the tropical island off Fort Myers.

The Pences had been staying at a private home on a secluded street on the bay side of the island. The motorcade of more than 20 vehicles and a cadre of advance motorcycles made its way to Sanibel's main street, Periwinkle Way, at 3:05 p.m. Friday.

The Pence departure came just before the afternoon rush hour on Sanibel. Traffic is particularly heavy on Sanibel in the days leading up to Easter Sunday.

The Pences were seen in public several times during their week on Sanibel. They attended church at the Sanibel Community Church on Sunday, April 9, and also dined at Timbers that day. After flying to Washington on Monday for the swearing in of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, Pence returned Monday evening by motorcade and spent the rest of the week on the first vacation of his vice presidency.

Later in the week, Vice President Pence played golf, dined at iconic Mucky Duck on Captiva and got his hair cut at the Sanibel Beauty Salon where Mrs. Pence received a manicure.

Pence is now off to the Asia-Pacific region with visits scheduled to Korea, Australia and Indonesia.