WEST PALM BEACH, FL – The South Florida Water Management District's new Governing Board will hold a public workshop at 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 10 at SFWMD Headquarters, 3301 Gun Club Rd., West Palm Beach, Fla. The workshop will be open to the public and broadcast on SFWMD's website, www.sfwmd.gov.

The workshop, which is the first in a regular series of workshops the Governing Board plans to hold the Wednesday before each regular monthly business meeting of the Governing Board, is part of the District's ongoing efforts to explore all issues that face the District and encourage public participation.

The workshop agenda includes presentations and expert panel knowledgeable about Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project System operations. Panel members who have been invited to attend the discussion include U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lt. Col. Jennifer Reynolds, Tom MacVicar of MacVicar Consulting, Lake Worth Drainage District Executive Director and District Engineer Tommy Strowd and Everglades Foundation Vice President for Science and Education Tom Van Lent.

SFWMD Executive Director Drew Bartlett will act as facilitator for the meeting, taking written questions from the public in attendance at the meeting. The public can also give input during a public comment period.