With water quality the top priority for Sanibel Island, Mayor Kevin Ruane provided a “State of the Island” to the Condominium Association of Sanibel Island (CASI) on Thursday, March 28, at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa.

Citing Red Tide as being “more frustrating than a hurricane,” Ruane went on to detail the positives the city has achieved.

He reported that Sanibel was successful in lobbying to get $1.7 million of the $23 million that the state of Florida authorized for Red Tide cleanup. He said the city achieved $2 million of the $30 million in state funds for clean water initiatives last year.

He also said the city is working to achieve the remainder of the $22 million needed for the completion of the Donax water processing project to provide clean water.

During his 12 years on city council, and currently serving his ninth term as mayor, Ruane has worked to promote clean water, saying “water quality effects everything we do here.”

Ruane mentioned his recent announcement as a candidate for County Commissioner saying that the larger office would allow him the ability to achieve higher goals in his water quality passion.