Barbara Joy Cooley, left, Mike Miller
Barbara Joy Cooley, left, Mike Miller

The Committee of the Islands will hold a forum on issues of crucial importance to Islanders 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 11 in the Sanibel Community House’s Founders’ Room.

The 90-minute “COTI Conversations,” the organization’s second this season, is open to COTI members and individuals wishing to become members of the organization. The purpose of the gathering is to review the matters of concern and hear opinions from the membership.

Topics for discussion include the question of whether to ban gasoline-powered leaf blowers, financial issues at the Recreation Center, suggested options for renovating the Center 4 Life facility, the proposed Eden Oak development, resilience planning, shared-use path concerns and new developments pertaining to water quality.

Moderating the event are Board members Barbara Joy Cooley and Mike Miller.

COTI Conversations” is open to COTI members. Memberships are available at the door for individuals interested in attending the forum who are not yet members of the organization. Refreshments include coffee and tea.

COTI Conversations” continue next season, beginning in November, in the Community House’s Founders’ Room, with a firm date to be determined.

For more information on “COTI Conversations” or on the activities of the Committee of the Islands, contact President Mike Miller 239 395 0593 or visit the COTI website,