If you are a someone who wears any sort of make­up, whether it is the most basic or the most artistic, you are always looking for your holy grail items. Holy grail meaning it holds up to all the qualifications you want that specific item to perform like. I am someone who is beyond an average make­up wearer but a little less than an actual professional artist. And I think critically of my make­up; is it lasting, what’s the initial color pay off, does it crease, does it go patchy, is the formula too dry/wet? Now just to give you a little background about myself I am normal­to­oily skinned. My skin changes depending on the season; in the summer I’m an oil slick but in any other season I’m relatively normal.


The first product I want to discuss is make­up remover. Now I have tried just about anything and everything to find something that will remove my eye make­up with little resistance. Around the eyes you want to avoid any pulling or tugging motion because that will cause sign of premature aging. I love Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser. It is something that can double as an all over face cleanser, but I just prefer to use it to take the make­up off my eyes. It’s great if you have sensitive eyes, like me, because it doesn’t burn or irritate them. It also removes any make­up that claims to be waterproof.

I have two favorite cleansers. My daytime cleanser is by bareMinerals called Pure Plush. The reason I like this one is it cleanses without stripping. Sometimes cleansers can be very drying, and especially if you are oily this is something you want to avoid. Using a cleanser that strips your face (makes your skin feel tight after washing) actually causes your skin to try to replenish what you had just taken away and it over produces more oil. Vicious cycle. And My favorite night time cleanser is from Exuviance called the Moisture Antibacterial Facial Cleanser. I like this one because after wearing make­up all day long I want to know what I am using is really digging deep to wash off what I have on. Something I want to mention about both of these products is a little bit goes a long way. The bareMinerals one is a cream cleanser meaning it lathers, so use the tiniest amount needed to wash your entire face. And the Exuviance cleanser is very liquidus, so it doesn’t take a full pump.

Let’s talk serums. Do you use one? If not you should. Serums are vital in the skin care process because they help other products perform better; they sink deeper into the skin allowing moisturizers to go deeper into the skin and hydrate you more. They tend to be very wet and runny and you apply them all over the face (avoiding the eye area) and down through the neck. My favorite serum that I have tried thus far is the bareMinerals Skinlongevity. Since I started using this product I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Overall my skin definitely feels more hydrated but I have also noticed that my skin is brighter as well. And who doesn’t want brighter, younger looking skin?!

Speaking of benefits let’s talk about the Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. (See what I did there…) Now, most oily-skinned people think that since there skin produces enough oil that they don’t need to put on something that claims to hydrate the skin; they already feel overly hydrated. But they do. And it does take trial and error. I have tried many and had given up completely myself. Until I found this. Why I love it is that it really does hydrate me but doesn’t make me oily. It isn’t heavy and it absorbs quickly into my skin. It also has SPF 15 in it, which everyone needs to ensure they are wearing some form of SPF because the sun’s harmful rays not only can cause cancer but signs of aging as well. The design, as well, is also great. It is a pump which is very hygienic. When air hits the ingredients of products (skin care, foundation, etc.) it actually over time breaks down the properties of the ingredients that make the product work. So a pump prevents that from happening. And the pump gives you just the right amount. So there is no guessing of how much you need to use.