Like I spend many nights, I was carousing through the land of YouTube. Started off watching my regular subscriptions but somehow ended up learning how to speak French to a giraffe. In between that time I stumbled upon a short video series titled Perfect Match. It is hosted by none other the Glamour. Yes the women’s magazine, much like many others, that tells you that you don’t need no man. You are perfect the way you are but here are 20 ways to lose those nagging 5 pounds to be beach-ready to catch your Prince Charming. But I was curious, bored and curious. So I watched.

The first thing they do is interview a woman about herself, her views on relationships, and then surprise her by dropping the curtain behind her to reveal a white wall filled with framed questions. Her list. This is the way she is supposed to narrow down what really makes her tick and what ticks her off about whomever she desires to date. It seems like a good idea; one of the ladies even mentions something about if you put something out to the universe, the universe will listen. This made me think, have I been dating all wrong? Because I have been just putting “ready to date” vibes out into the world without answering any real questions the universe was asking me. The world was sending me anything and everything to date because I didn’t tell it exactly what I wanted to date.

So here is my short list of what I seek in a mate as from what I could gather from the Glamour video:

Takes orders or follows orders: Balance. We should both wear one leg of the pants. I’ll zip, if you button.

He Should Be: Funny, Supportive, Driven, Respectful, Intelligent

Furry or Smooth?: A happy medium between Chewbacca and a Ken doll

Confidence 1-10: anything above a 2 and he’s got me beat

Cats or Dogs?: Must love both

Chivalry is…: Very much alive with him. I want to feel like the princess Disney told me I’d be.

Wants to Get Married: I do...umm... He do too.

Ever Married?: Fine, practice makes perfect

Does He Want Kids?: Well, he better because if he gets in a relationship with me it’s like dating a giant kid who is legally allowed to drink. Also, maybe.

So there universe; a small snippet of what qualities in a man would tame this wild rabbit. I’d say horse but I’m much smaller, and cuter too. But as one of the girls pointed out at the end of her video, things change. Sometimes when you are presented with everything you thought you ever wanted you realize it’s not true at all. It’s not for you. And I’d say that’s true. We change as we get older, as we date more. When I first started dating I thought I was into clean-cut all-American boys. Someone with a great career who’d wife me up. But as I went through each putz I learned a little more that the Ken doll I once dreamed about as a little girl just wasn’t for the adult me. And I’m sure as I continue to date the guy I imagine now is perfect for me, it will change. But eventually I will find my perfect match.

Here is the link if you want to start watching the series: