Girls. A hit TV show on HBO that has received a lot of buzz and been nominated for and won many awards. It had always been on my watch list but I never bothered to actually watch it. Until recently. The premise of the show is four young 20-something girls living in New York making their way through love and life. Wait a tick, doesn’t that sound like...Sex and the City? While I could go on and draw comparisons between the two shows I won’t. This is more about how the show strongly disappointed me.

At first I really got behind Girls. The main character, Hannah, was dealing with something that I am all too familiar with – being confused by a guy and his actions. Although as an outsider I can clearly tell what kind of relationship she has with this guy, she is clueless. But yet somehow they end up actually dating. What?! Does that actually ever happen? I’ve never witnessed it. Not with anyone in my circle of friends, and especially not with me. That’s the first thing that irked me.

Hannah also relies very heavily on everyone. It’s almost as if she has no way to exist without the help of her friends and parents. Her parents have supported her financially for a while by paying her rent in a New York apartment, among other things. Her friends are constantly there for her beck and call to hash her problems. Anytime her friends have an issue she seems disengaged.

Her work ethic is also very childish. She goes from job to job without caring how she’s going to get her money (because her parents will always come to her rescue). And when Hannah finally gets her first break for an e-book deal she screws that up too.

I guess my main qualm with the show is the main character. She is just a girl. I was hoping that this show would be my generation’s voice. Instead, she personifies everything the older generations think about mine – selfish, needy, whiny, dependent. I want a show where the characters and subject lines can actually be related to. I want to be shown a character whose heart gets broken a million times by the same type of guy because she hasn’t quite learned how to stay away from them. I want someone who is independent but struggles. Hard. I want someone who will do anything to survive and not just run to her parents for money, and someone who cares more about her friends than herself.

If you know of any show like that please let me know. I’m tired of feeling like the only character a 20-30 year old woman can portray is a self-absorbed, hapless, helpless girl.