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At the Easter Sunday sunrise service at St Isabel on Sanibel, when it came time to open the Tabernacle for Holy Communion, the lock would not budge! All the Bishop's men could not open it no matter how hard they tried. Maybe God is sending a message to the Bishop's trusted staff that it is time to open your hearts and begin the healing. It is time to stop threatening closure of the church if we don't like the temporary priest or if we don't contribute enough Money. It is time to stop lying from the pulpit. It is time to stop taking pictures of cars that you believe still support the exiled Pastor. It is time to welcome back the music director that you forced out. It is time to stop spying on the parishioners with cameras and listening devices. It is time to let the men's and women's groups use the facilities and supplies that they purchased and donated to the church. Maybe God is trying to send you a message, are you listening?

Mike DiCorpo