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Captiva Panel Discusses Golf Cart Zone, Beach Entrance, Overgrown Vegetation

by Alison Waldbart

The Captiva Community Panel met Tuesday, July 9, and discussed several topics including the extension of the golf cart zone, beach entrance at Andy Rosse Lane and overgrown vegetation on Captiva Drive at Old Lodge Lane. Branches hang too low for delivery trucks, which often swerve to avoid them that could be dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists in the area.

There has been ongoing discussions regarding the areas where golf carts can travel on the roads. Currently, the zone is north of Wiles Drive on Captiva Drive – mainly the Village area – but the Panel has considered extending the zone to include ‘Tween Waters Island Resort and Spa.

We are all for it,” said Doug Babcock, Chief Operating Officer of the resort’s parent company Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts, at the Panel meeting in February. “There are a number of reasons we would love to see (the golf cart zone) extended: parking, the island experience and ease of getting around.”

However, many panel members expressed concern over safety. “It’s just a safety factor because of the way traffic moves (south of the current zone on Captiva Drive),” said Panel Member Mike Kelly in February. “That was really what caused the sign and limiting it to the places where traffic was slower.”

The discussion was tabled in February, but returned by Babcock who inquired about a decision. Panel members are encouraging input from community members before an official vote is made. Comments may be made through email at captivacommunitypanel@gmail.com.

There has also been an ongoing discussion regarding the beach entrance on Andy Rosse Lane, at Mucky Duck restaurant. In June, a motion to install pavers and bricks and clean up the entrance failed 2-7. However, the Panel decided last week to begin reaching out the owners of the newspaper boxes that line the entrance to have them removed.

Iguana Control Program

Panel Member Dave Jensen gave an update on the 10-week iguana control program. It’s in its last week with 174 iguanas removed. Following discussion, the Panel agreed to continue the program for four weeks at a cost of $500 per week. Anyone who sees an iguana on their property, can call or text the catcher Alfredo Fermin at 239-440-7783.

The next Panel meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 13 in the Cone Room at South Seas Island Resort.

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