A Water Facility in Transition

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Island Water Association (IWA) is the water facility on Sanibel that produces quality drinking water to Sanibel and Captiva. IWA has seen many changes in its 53 years serving these communities. These past few years have been no different. The non-administrative employees felt that some of these changes would be a disadvantage to the company and their ability to serve the community in the way they always have. The non-administrative employees voted unanimously to join the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 2301, district 78, AFL-CIO.

IWA has an elected advisory Board of Directors that represent the members of the company. In the past, the board members and employees worked harmoniously having mutual respect and appreciation for the work each other did to better the company. Due to the temperament of the current board the employees felt they had no other course of action but to join a union. By joining a union, it stopped all policy changes that affect employees until the company negotiates with the union. Some of the policies the board talked about changing would be a detriment to the company resulting in a loss of employees. IWA union members average 12 years of service which would take years to restore the institutional knowledge and experience.

IWA employees have great pride in the company they work for and the members they serve. They will continue to provide quality drinking water at an affordable price. In the same professional, dedicated, and award-winning manner our members have come to expect. Members, we need you to ask questions and help the employees keep this great company the way you have come to know IWA.

Richie Jones
President, Local 2301

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