Applications for Proposed Fast Food Restaurant Back on Commission Agenda

Sanibel Planning Commissioners will again consider applications for a development permit and conditional use permit for a proposed 20-seat fast food restaurant at the Tuesday, Sept. 10, commission meeting. The applications were continued from the August commission meeting, after the applicants consented to revising the site plan.

City staff had cited concern over insufficient emergency vehicle access and limited space for two-way ingress and egress at 1219 Periwinkle Way. However, City Planner Craig Chandler told Commissioners in August that an agreement to share the common driveway with Sanibel Air & Electric had been reached just prior to the meeting. The applicants agreed to revise site plans to include the shared driveway and a five-foot emergency vehicle easement.

Charles and Lisa Whitman, the applicants and property owners, are proposing to build Sanibel Custard Shack on the vacant lot located between Huxter’s Deli and The Jac restaurant. The Whitmans are founders of the Whit’s Frozen Custard franchise that began with the Ohio location. There are now more than 40 stores located in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee, but the Sanibel location is not affiliated with that franchise.

Commissioners are also scheduled to hear a variance request to install a boat dock with two boat lifts at a home on Isabel Drive. However, the property owners’ attorney Steven Hartsell has requested a continuance for more time to prepare alternative plans and provide staff sufficient time to review those plans. Staff supports the continuance petition.

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  1. NO! NO! NO!

  2. Additionally, why does Sanibel need another yogurt, ice cream…there’s Pinocchio’s, Love Boat and Joey’s Custard as well as Dairy Queen (within walking distance of the proposed site). Who’s pockets are being lined?

  3. Why are we AGAIN considering a proposal for a fast food restaurant? Our LAW says no because we do not wish to have such awful places here – is there some reason why these items (bicycles and fast food restaurant) come up during the summer when non of the winter residents are here? There is no reason to ever consider this – or the electric bicycles since the law is already in place for both.

  4. No more fast food/service restaurants on the Island!!!

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