Causeway Vehicle Count Surpasses One Million Mark in April

causeway 4-23

SC Staff Report/photo by Chuck Larsen

The inbound vehicle count for the Sanibel Causeway surpassed the one million mark in the fourth month – a number that is statistically flat compared to the past three years.

The Lee County toll booth recorded 314,979 vehicles in April, an increase of 1.28 percent compared to April 2018. The busiest April on record was in 2001, when 330,856 vehicles crossed the scenic bridge.

January has produced the lowest monthly count, so far this year, with 305,372 vehicles and March is the highest with 355,759 vehicles. Overall, there’s less than a one percent change in causeway traffic in 2019 versus 2018.

In the city’s fiscal year (September to October), the causeway traffic count through April has reached 2,063,266 vehicles, which is down nearly two percent compared to the same three fiscal quarters of 2018. The causeway traffic count figures are provided to the city by Lee County, which owns the bridge. May numbers will be released in July.

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