City’s Environmental Biologist Recognized With Young Professionals Award

by SC Publisher Shannen Hayes

Natural Resources Director Holly Milbrandt presented Environmental Biologist Dana Dettmar with a young professionals award Monday, Sept. 12 in the Sanibel City Council meeting.

Environmental Biologist Dana Dettmar, third from left, is presented a young professionals award by Natural Resources Director Holly Milbrandt, second from left, and Vice Mayor Richard Johnson, left, Mayor Holly Smith, third from right, Councilmen Scott Crater and Mike Miller.
SC photo by Chuck Larsen

Dettmar has been a part of the city’s natural resources team since 2015 and risen from conservation officer to one of the city’s two environmental biologists. She can often be seen (or heard) giving presentations related to local water quality in council meetings. She is also known for the golf course report card program and the Sanibel Communities for Clean Water program, among others.

Dettmar was recognized for her accomplishments and commitment to water resources protection by the Florida Lake Management Society Marissa L. Williams Young Professional Award. Dettmar earned her master’s degree from Florida Gulf Coast University.

“We are thrilled to have her as part of the team and congratulate her on this impressive award,” said Milbrandt.

Dettmar said her participation in the Florida Lake Management Society conferences have taught her a lot, especially about new issues arising and new technologies and methodologies to address those issues, and helped her grow as a professional. She thanked the city for allowing her to take those opportunities to participate.

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