Climate Change and How It Affects Us

by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

The Santiva Chronicle is sending a reporting team to the Arctic to examine the climate change in that greatly impacted part of the world. These changes will hit Sanibel and Captiva Islands as time goes on and it’s good to understand what to expect.

The investigation will center on the people and animals in that region and the results of the rise in temperature, corresponding reduction of sea ice, and sea level increases. The SC team will travel through the Alaskan Aleutian island chain. They will stop at the Russian port city of Provideniya, the northern most Russian port on the Chukchi Sea.

Another stop will be Russia’s Big Diomede Island used as military base in the Bering Straights and the closest Russian point to the U.S. On Wrangel Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Arctic, the SC team will investigate the animal changes occurring. The island holds the last traces of the Woolly Mammoths who disappeared 4,000 B.C.

The four-part series will begin exclusively in the Santiva Chronicle on Sunday, Sept. 29.

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