Commissioners Approve Development Permit, Variance Request Continued

The development permit for a 921-square-feet, air-conditioned pool cabana with an adjacent fenced in-ground pool and deck at 2029 Periwinkle Way was unanimously approved by Commissioners. It was brought before Planning Commission due to the structure not being connected to the existing dwelling unit and located 125 feet away with no formal walkway.

“Staff finds the size and design of the proposed pool cabana building does not lead staff to believe it will be a separate dwelling unit,” said City Planner Joshua Ooyman. “No kitchen facility is proposed and none of the partitioned rooms are of a size to be considered bedrooms.”

A variance for the construction of an in-ground swimming pool and a deck at 1870 Woodring Road that would have exceed the allowable impermeable coverage of 15 percent and developed area of 20 percent was continued to the Sept. 24 Planning Commission meeting.

The property currently exceeds impermeable coverage and developed area limitations by 3 percent and 8 percent respectively. The variance requested impermeable coverage of 21.5 percent and developed area of 27 percent. To offset the additional development, the applicant proposed the removal of areas of an existing gravel driveway, much of which is located within the Bay Beach zone, a wooden entry walkway, and other minor improvements.

However, it was staff’s opinion the applicant did not demonstrate all seven variance standards had been met and found the applicant could have potentially reduced the requested variance by relocating or redesigning the pool and deck. Additionally, staff did not find the pool and deck as proposed was the minimum necessary to mitigate any demonstrated hardship.

“In the end, we listen hard when things are not getting worse,” said Commission Chair Chuck Ketteman. “If you are out of compliance and your proposal is not going to make it worse, we really try to help. Unfortunately, in this case, you are out of compliance and your proposal makes the out of compliance worse.”

Ketteman went on to say that he felt the applicants tried to make the situation better, but also tried to design as big a pool as possible within the setback limits. Commissioners agreed with staff that the applicants had not shown they exhausted all design options. The applicants agreed to return to the Sept. 24 meeting with revised plans.

The next Planning Commission meet is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sept. 10 at City Hall.

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