Ear Buds that Translate

By Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

We are always looking for innovate gadgets that make our lives easier and more productive.

One such device we found is the Time Kettle ear bud language translator developed in China.

We tested an earlier version in January during the annual Consumer Electronics Show but were unable to get it to perform as it should.

We have now tested a brand new WT2 model version.

We found that it translated as promised.

The units have been sold in over 100 countries since 2018 and the developer says it can translate 40 languages in 93 accents.

The devise uses your smart phone (IOS & Android) for connection to the internet.

If offline and without internet service, it can still translate 7 common languages on its own.

The originator places one of the earbuds in their ear and speaks in English.

The translation takes 1-3 seconds and then speaks the message in the chosen language in the receiver’s earbud.

A bonus is that both sentences are seen on the smart phone screen in both languages to be read.

From our test, the system works as promised, although it would not seem to be feasible for a very quick paced conversation.  Both parties must understand how it works and be patient waiting for the needed translation to covey to the recipient’s earbud.

But in some situations that may be the only way to communicate.

Using the supplied charging case, the ear buds are rated for 15 hours of use.There are several devises that promise similar assistance, but this is the best we have tested so far.

Cost for the new WT2 model is under $200 from TimeKettle.com directly or merchants like Amazon.

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