Island Therapy Offering Free Balance Screenings In September

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

Island Therapy Center, 2242 Periwinkle Way, will be offering free balance screenings in September, fall prevention month.

“Treatment of balance, weakness and loss of mobility is covered by Medicare and most insurance”, says Rachel Tritaik, PT, CLT, LMT, owner of Island Therapy Center. “By addressing these issues, we can reduce the risk of falling, and restore confidence, and improve participation in community activities, which helps overall health and wellbeing.”

The physical therapists at Island Therapy Center frequently treat patients with balance and dizziness disorders, and with injuries resulting from falls. Early recognition and treatment of balance problems has been shown to reduce falls and associated injuries, including fractures.

Education regarding fall prevention, balance and strengthening strategies, home safety and getting up from a fall, may be included in the appointment. The osteoporosis program, balance program and vestibular rehabilitation programs at Island Therapy Center also address these issues.

Free screening appointments, with a licensed physical therapist, can be scheduled at 239-395-5858 for anyone concerned about maintaining or improving their strength and balance. The clinic is located in the Sanibel Square.

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