Plan Commissioners to Consider Applications for Fast-Food Restaurant

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custard shack site 8-10
Site of Proposed Fast Food Restaurant

Planning Commissioners will be considering applications for a new fast-food restaurant in their meeting Tuesday, Aug. 13, at City Hall, 800 Dunlop Rd. Charles and Lisa Whitman, the applicants and property owners, are proposing to build Sanibel Custard Shack on the vacant .53-acre lot at 1219 Periwinkle Way.

Commissioners will consider applications for a conditional use permit to establish the 20-seat eatery that will exclusively serve frozen custard and a development permit to construct a new commercial building with 20 off-street parking spaces and various other site improvements. The applicants operate a chain of frozen custard restaurants, Whit’s Frozen Custard, but the Sanibel Custard Shack is not affiliated with that business, according to the staff report.

The city staff report also states 27 parking spaces will be required for the number of proposed seats and parts of the current site plan will potentially have negative impacts to adjacent properties – Sanibel Air and Electric, Huxter’s Deli, The Jac and a private residence. Staff cites concern over insufficient emergency vehicle access, limited space for two-way ingress and egress, and the safety of users on the Shared Use Path.

Additional proposed site improvements include loading space, enclosed solid waste container, facilities for bicycle parking, stormwater management and drainage features, central sewer connection and the installation of additional interior landscaping and vegetation buffers.

Commissioners will also consider an application for a development permit to construct a detached 921-square-foot, air-conditioned pool cabana and an in-ground swimming pool at 2029 Periwinkle Way. There is also an application for a variance to remove vegetation in excess of 20 percent of the lot and construct an at-grade swimming pool with deck that will exceed the maximum allowable lot coverage at 1870 Woodring Rd.

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  1. kathy gagliardi

    NO fast food-type restaurants. Enough-is-enough!


    • Please deny this and any future similar requests. Sanibel Island remains an incredibly rare and beautiful place because our leadership has stood up against pressure from developers. We need to also value and protect independently owned small businesses on our island. Say “No” to this proposal!!!

  2. Karen Schneidermeyer

    Absolutely not! There are more than enough food establishments on the island. Enough is enough! Let the business owners make a living. They struggle enough during low season. End the greed.

  3. We don’t need another ice cream or frozen custard place on the island. There is now three or more on the island. Who’s getting paid off for this

  4. We have enough eating places. no more!

  5. No way

  6. Susan DeFrancesco

    With respect, this fourth ice cram/ custard chain shop is not needed on this small island. There are fabulous shops for great frozen treats here. Keep it small, quaint, and stop the slide toward making it just like every other tourist trap. Please. Been vacationing here every year for 20 years and that is exactly what makes it special. Thoughtful zoning and managers who are committed to love the feel of Sanibel Island are what stands between Sanibel becoming like Marco. They are not meant to be the same.

  7. Why knot?!?!?

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