SCCF Uniquely Positioned to Effectively Advocate for Water Quality

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Dear All Impacted by Our Water Quality,

Have you wondered who was literally and figuratively standing behind Governor DeSantis last week when he took several strong and swift actions to support our water quality? It was Rae Ann Wessel, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation’s (SCCF) Natural Resources Policy Director armed with methodically collected environmental data by a team of SCCF marine scientists that have objectively documented findings that were needed to definitively impact these water quality crisis policy decisions.

SCCF is uniquely positioned to effectively advocate for water quality.

Having both a state a-of-the-art independent marine lab that conducts practical studies with real world applications, and a well-respected, incredibly articulate on-staff policy director puts SCCF in a unique position to identify and advocate for the most practical, addressable solutions to this complex problem. So it is no wonder that SCCF landed in the limelight when this historic announcement was made. As the picture shows, they have earned the utmost respect of their scientific and environmental advocacy peers as well as that of newly elected politicians.

I hope that others throughout our region and state will join me in applauding and financially supporting the far-reaching impact of this highly effective “local” foundation. SCCF made a strategic long-term investment in 2002 when they founded a marine lab and began systematically monitoring key indicators of water quality, knowing that longitudinal data would be instrumental in identifying causation and ultimately impacting actionable solutions.

Supporting SCCF Is a Sound Philanthropic Investment Guaranteeing Improved Water Quality Policies as your ROI.

SCCF’s one-two punch – accurate, useful scientific data combined with clear communications identifying the most salient implications and pragmatic solutions – makes every dollar donated one of the best (ROI) philanthropic investments any Floridian could make. Thank you for considering supporting SCCF’s efforts for protecting our individual pocket books, our collective economy, our shared environment and our health.

With Hope, Gratitude & Respect,

Linda Linsmayer
Sanibel Resident and SCCF Supporter

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