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  1. BIG ARTS has a movie program which has always been very compatible with having the Island Cinema. In the absence of a commercial enterprise, BIG ARTS could always step in with their Documentary Series, The Monday Night Movies with moderators, and the other various programs of the Film Committee of Big Arts. Island Cinema always hosted the Oscar’s events that BIG ARTS put together but otherwise, visitors and residents had movie choices in addition to Island Cinema, that will be missed.

    • Absolutely.

    • The Island Cinema needed to temporarily close for the pandemic, but for the Johnson family to demolish it now is really upsetting. Seeing a film at BIG ARTS is a false equivalent to seeing it at the Island Cinema, with its comfortable seats and fresh popcorn. I miss the Island Cinema and think the Johnsons are short-sighted in their decision to tear it down. What a shame.

  2. Will certainly miss the theater, especially on a rainy day

  3. We look forward to watching movies at the Sanibel movie theatre. Driving to FT Myers in heavy traffic is very difficult for us.

  4. I’m very disappointed that the theater will be closed. Our family has enjoyed the convenience and comfort of the Island Cinema for 20 years. It will be missed.

  5. Caroline Morton

    We are very sad to hear that the island movie theater will be closed. It is so nice to have somewhere to go on the island for entertainment in the evening without having to venture out into Ft Myers.

  6. Roland Espinosa

    The screens were too small. I may as well stream at home. I was there when the theater first opened. It’s time has come and gone like all things. Streaming will hurt even the best movie theaters.

  7. marjorie pacheco

    We’re disappointed that the Island Cinema will be gone; yes, Big Arts does have a film program but not first run films, not daily…and seats not nearly as comfortable as those in the Island Cinema! Driving to Fort Myers, especially at night, is not ideal for older folks!

    marjorie pacheco

  8. Another little piece of Sanibel disappearing. Guess Sanibel could always move it over to the historical village.

  9. Especially for Seniors, the movie theatre is terrific. A reminder of earlier times when there was no such thing as a cell phone or computer. Do we need more shopping? I don’t think so.

  10. I will miss having the theater at Bailey,s . I always looked forward to seeing what was playing

  11. The theater was absolulty lovely. We enjoyed it and looked forward to movies there. i hope there is someway to keep it. There is nothing like watching a movie in the company of others.

  12. Marilyn Conoscenti

    We will certainly miss the Island Cinema with daily availability of first run movies! We were looking forward to a good movie date now that the island would be totally open again. Perhaps another sight might be found on island, but for seniors to wait around for that to happen is disappointing. Going off island is a pain. It is much more fun for a movie on island with a bite afterwards at one of our local restaurants.

  13. Loss of a local cinema diminishes the pleasure & charms of living on Sanibel. Our little two screen first run theater is a gem.

  14. Nanelle Wehmann

    I will certainly miss the theater for all the reasons that others have mentioned. Nanelle Wehmann

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