BIG ARTS Stands Ready To Help; Board Co-Chairs Express Gratitude

Dear Friends, Neighbors and BIG ARTS family of constituents:

We are all in this together, and even though BIG ARTS has suspended programming and access to the bright new building that belongs to you, we want to stay in the lives of our Sanibel Captiva community for two reasons: First is to express our heartfelt appreciation to all our donors, patrons and volunteers for their extraordinary understanding, generosity of spirit and belief in BIG ART as a part of our community’s “soul” and a creative space for all. While we will be hard hit by ticket sales loss and refunds, we are so grateful to all those who chose to donate their ticket value which converts to a 100% deductible donation. Remember to email us at to request a donation of your tickets or refund.

The second important thought to share with you is that BIG ARTS stands ready to help in any way it can to help bolster spirits and provide a vital website space where we will be communicating and offering experiences. Our shared heart is what makes us all human. We are all experiencing a very stressful time, and our need for positive stories, beau‹v. laughter, inspiration and hope has never been more needed. We can help there. We are working on more website content that can hopefully bring that to you over the weeks and months ahead. If you would like to be notified by email of new content on and to receive notices, please send your email address to If you prefer, check our Facebook space from time to time. We’re here.

Our warm wishes and thoughts are with you.
Susan Heisler & Don Rice, Board Co-Chairs

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