BIG ARTS ‘Talking Points’ Opens Season With Popular Historian

provided to Santiva Chronicle

Popular historian speaker Rabbi James Rudin will open the nearly sold out Talking Points series, sponsored by Sanibel & Captiva Trust Company, at 4 p.m. Feb. 4, at the BIG ARTS Strauss Theatre, 2200 Periwinkle Way. He will address Polarization and Divisiveness in our current political environment through a series of questions and discussion.

We’ve survived extreme electoral divisions in the recent past, for example, during the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement. Despite the tumult, we have always emerged stronger as a nation. Can we do it again?

Rabbi James Rudin, nationally noted Historian and Pulitzer Prize nominee will address these questions and lead the discussion in the Opener session of the ever-popular Talking Points series.

The new time for the series is with the idea it will lead to further discussion over wine refreshments (served afterwards) and for some groups to form for dinner elsewhere at local restaurants.

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