Breakaway Vacation Honored by City, Mayor of Sanibel

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

Breakaway Vacation Owner Kim O’Brien, center, receives a commemorative coin from Mayor Richard Johnson, right, and Councilman John Henshaw at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Breakaway Vacation Properties, a leading provider of vacation rentals on Sanibel Island, is proud to announce that its owner, Kim O’Brien, has been honored with a commemorative coin from the City of Sanibel. The recognition was presented by Mayor Richard Johnson during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Driftwood Inn on Sanibel. City Council Members Holly D. Smith and John Henshaw were also in attendance to celebrate this special occasion.

The commemorative coin serves as a symbol of appreciation for O’Brien’s outstanding contributions to the community. As the owner of Breakaway Vacation Properties, O’Brien has played a pivotal role in providing vacation experiences for visitors to the island. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction have set a high standard in the vacation rental industry.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Johnson expressed his gratitude to O’Brien for her unwavering support of the community. The presence of City Council Members Holly D. Smith and John Henshaw further emphasized the significance of this recognition.

O’Brien was deeply honored and pleasantly surprised to receive the commemorative coin. She expressed her gratitude for the support and recognition from the city, and reaffirmed her commitment to providing exceptional vacation experiences for guests staying at Breakaway Vacation Properties.

Breakaway Vacation Properties continues to be a trusted name in luxury vacation rentals on Sanibel Island. With a wide range of properties and a dedication to exceptional customer service, Breakaway Vacation Properties strives to create unforgettable experiences for every guest.

For more information about Breakaway Vacation Properties and their luxury vacation rentals, please visit their website at Stay tuned for updates on new properties and additional services that will enhance your Sanibel Island vacation.

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