Captiva Cruises Launching Special Boat Trip To Pineland In February

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

Captiva Cruises is offering a special cultural cruise to Pine Island on Feb. 8 aboard its Santiva.

In addition to cruises to Cabbage Key, Boca Grande, Dolphin Wildlife & Adventure Cruises, and Sunset Cruises, Captiva Cruises will also be offering a special cruise from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8 to The Historic Tarpon Lodge and Calusa Indian Mounds on Pine island.

This cruise focuses on the fishing cultures of Pine Island Sound encompassing over a thousand years of fishing. From the indigenous Calusa, to the Spanish Cuban fishing era, to the commercial fishing with The Punta Gordy Fish & Ice Company and on up to today and the incredible sport fishing of the area.

Departing from McCarthy’s Marina on Captiva the tour travels to the quaint community of Pineland on Pine Island. The Historic Fish Houses of Pine Island Sound are seen along the way as well as North Captiva, Cayo Costa, Cabbage Key and Useppa Island.

The ecology and the importance of the back bay estuary are discussed which is the common denominator throughout time. The cultural history, wildlife, and present day living are all intricately tied into the waters around the islands. Dolphins and a variety of birds are often seen cruising the waters of Pine Island Sound.

On Pine Island, passengers will disembark for lunch at the Tarpon Lodge. Participants will learn about the family business’ storied tradition of fishing Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor. The Lodge, an historic home converted into an inn and restaurant, dates back to the mid 1920’s, and today maintains that “old Florida charm”.

After lunch there is an opportunity to join a guided walk along the Calusa Heritage Trail at the Randell Research Center to learn about the indigenous fishing culture of Pine Island Sound. A program of the Florida Museum of Natural History, the facility is dedicated to learning and teaching the archaeology, history and ecology of Southwest Florida through the Pineland archaeological and historical site.

Reservations for the cruises are required and, along with additional information, can be obtained by calling Captiva Cruises at (239) 472-5300 or registering online here.


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