CEPD Reports Cost-Effective Beach Nourishment

provided to The Santiva Chronicle
SC photos by Dorothy Wallace

The Captiva Erosion and Prevention District reported the recently completed beach nourishment project on Captiva was bid in March/April 2021 with a flexible construction approach which provided an extended contract time period and included summer construction to allow for cost savings.

The project was awarded to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, LLC for $15,625,485 with the flexible summer construction window, which attributed to approximately $2.5 million in cost savings. In addition, performing the project outside of tourist season allowed for a more efficient timeline with minimal interruptions to residents and visitors.

“We did this beach nourishment project during turtle nesting season, and by doing so, CEPD captured a cost savings of almost $3 million to the Captiva taxpayers,” said CEPD Chairman Renee Miville. “We have one person to thank for this new process, and that is Commissioner Mike Mullins.”

“It is creative thinkers like Mike who give the Captiva Erosion Prevention District its nation-wide sterling legacy and reputation it deserves,” Milville added. “Captiva can only hope to have more dynamic, big-picture thinkers, such as Mike, to get involved and contribute in the future.”

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