CES: Body Camera Gives 360 Degree View

by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

Even with the stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, technology innovations have not been halted. This year, a South Korean company has unveiled a four-camera wearable device for the virtual Consumer Electronics Show. This camera goes far beyond the body camera currently worn by police officers and often seen on the news.

The Nexx360 camera, developed by Linkflow to assist governments and corporations in enhancing safety, fits around the neck and streams in real-time through LTE/5G to a remote location. Linkflow says that on construction sites its Nexx360 will increase the ability to cope with accidents by utilizing real-time 360-degree video transmission. Field workers can record videos using this neck band device without blind spots while working with both hands.

Installed at close to eye level, it is possible to acquire a short-range image because the image is captured from the actual persons’ field of view. It records in HD with an eight-hour battery life and can be combined with artificial intelligence technology to identify people from a remote location. Promoted as a next generation security solution, this device promises to provide much greater information with it’s surround video capture than heretofore possible.

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