Children Can Help Protect Snowy Plovers In Creative Way

Provided to The Santiva Chronicle

Children in kindergarten to sixth grade have the chance to help protect snowy plovers on the beaches of Sanibel Island in a creative way – by entering Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation’s art contest.

Three winners will be chosen to have their original artwork displayed on new educational signs for SCCF Snowy Plover nesting areas. Drawn or painted works must depict a snowy plover, their eggs or chicks and include a message about protecting them.

Snowy plovers (Charadrius nivosus) are tiny birds that lay their eggs and raise their chicks on the beach. Chicks are able to run around and eat on their own just hours after hatching. It takes about six weeks for chicks to learn how to fly, and they face a lot of challenges before they can take to the skies.

Submitted artwork should help educate the public on ways we can help reduce threats to the chicks. The submission deadline is Monday, Sept. 5. Winners also receive an identical sign to the ones displayed on the beach. Full details can be found at

Learn more about how snowy plovers are affected by human activities and how beachgoers can change their behavior to help snowy plovers survive to flight-capable age.

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