Coastal Watch Teams Up To Plant Mangroves

provided to Santiva Chronicle

Coastal Watch, Sanibel Sea School, and MANG planted 250 red mangroves along Woodring Road.

Coastal Watch partnered with the city of Sanibel and MANG on Wednesday, Feb. 5, to fortify existing mangroves along a section of road that is subject to erosion and shoreline degradation.

Mangroves are an integral part of our environment. These trees provide many benefits, such as erosion control, water quality management, and ecosystem services that have trickle down effects. They also create complex natural habitats for both terrestrial and marine species.

The city of Sanibel and Coastal Watch selected Woodring Road as the location of this project. Woodring Road is an area that has been greatly impacted by erosion and in need of the most assistance. It is here that 250 red mangroves were planted.

In 2018, red mangrove propagules were collected, sprouted, and transplanted to pots on Sanibel Sea School’s property. Here, they grew for a year and a half, making the transformation from sprouts into young trees. In the weeks leading up to planting, the salinity of the water was slowly altered to match that of their future home along the bay.

Throughout the process, MANG served as a great resource, providing guidance when needed. MANG’s mission is to change the world one mangrove at a time. A high-performance apparel company located in West Palm Beach, MANG plants one mangrove for every product sold, known as the “Buy One. Plant One. Initiative.” The company’s goal is to preserve and restore coastal habitats and communities.

The mangroves’ progress will be continually monitored to ensure that they are flourishing in their new location. Please stay tuned for updates on this project in the coming months.

Coastal Watch creates and implements conservation initiatives that promote and improve the future of marine resources and, our coastal heritage. For more information about Coastal Watch, visit or contact

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