Contractors Authorized To Begin Mitigation Efforts

Contractors who have private barge access to Sanibel, starting Oct. 10, may bring equipment to the island to help their customers with mitigation efforts. This includes removal of wet and damaged drywall, securing buildings, tarping, landscape work, tree removal, etc. The following conditions apply:

• Cannot use the City/County/Contractor barges reserved for emergency operation.

• Cannot land at the City Boat Ramp. Strictly Enforced

• Barge landing locations include the:
· Tarpon Bay Marina
· Sanibel Marina
· Island Inn

• All contractors who wish to land at one of those locations need to coordinate their arrival/departure times with the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce.
· 239-291-5567
· 239-206-4603
· 239-215-3284

• Contractors that have additional landing locations to recommend should call the Chamber of Commerce.

• Barges may not land anywhere on the City beaches (Except for the approved Island Inn location).

• Curfew (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) – Prohibits people from being out on the streets, beaches, and canals between those hours. Police and Lee County Sheriff’s Office are enforcing the curfew. The City is not encouraging residents to stay overnight on the island as Sanibel remains without water, sewer service, fire suppression, and electricity.

• Contractors must have a valid City of Sanibel Hurricane Re-entry pass or be accompanied by a resident, business owner, or property owner with a re-entry pass.
· If driving a contractor vehicle, you must have the pass hanging from the rearview mirror.

• Contractors who do not have a City of Sanibel Re-entry pass can obtain one at the Crown
Plaza Hotel by providing the following:
· Sanibel Business Tax Receipt
· Contactors doing work on Captiva – must have a Lee County Business License
· State Licensure – Confirmed through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
· Out of State Contractors must have Florida State Licensure through the DBPR.

• Field Interview – Police and Sheriff Deputies will conduct field interviews as needed.

• Generators may be used provided it has a 20’ clear distance from all points, it is not in a garage or other closed space. Please do not fill a hot generator with gasoline. This is about fire risk.


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