COTI: Leaf Blower Ban About More Than Noise

provided by Committee of the Islands

The Sanibel City Council will soon decide whether the noise and air pollution generated by gasoline-powered leaf blowers will come to an end on Sanibel. Ordinance 21-004 which will have its second reading on August 24 would ban the use of gas powered leaf blowers as of December 31, 2022.

COTI supports the ban and urges enactment of Ordinance 21-004. Our concern is not just about noise, though that clearly is an issue. Barbara Joy Cooley, COTI Environment Committee chairperson, in a recent commentary pointed out that “the emissions from gas-powered leaf blowers include high levels of benzine, butadiene, formaldehyde and fine particles — all of which are health risks.” With advances in battery power technology there are alternatives that should be encouraged so that the noise and air pollution generated by gas-powered leaf blowers are phased out. We are grateful to the city council for addressing the issue.

In a message to council members, COTI president Larry Schopp said “Sanibel has always prided itself in being a leader in environmental innovation and protection. It can and should reinforce that leadership by taking decisive action in respect to gasoline powered leaf blowers.”

We encourage members of the public who agree that this is an important issue to let the city council know where they stand by speaking at the August 24 council meeting or submitting written comments to

Founded in 1975, Committee of the Islands (COTI) is a Florida not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the continuity of good local government, protection of the environment and preservation of the small town character of our barrier island community.

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  1. It is time, understanding the damage that gasoline-powered leaf blowers create not only to humans, (vis a vis hearing and brain issues) but also to our precious environment, that the city take definite and positive action NOW.

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