EVCO Attendees, Public Invited to Clyde Butcher Exhibition at ‘Ding’

provided to Santiva Chronicle

“Ding” Darling hosts Clyde Butcher’s new American Everglades Collection exhibition for only the second time in Florida. Admission is free through Feb. 5.

‘Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society-Friends of the Refuge, host sponsor for the Everglades Coalition (EVCO) Conference Jan. 9-11 at South Seas Island Resort, Captiva, invite all attendees to visit the “Ding” Darling Visitor & Education Center for a free viewing of the Clyde Butcher American Everglades Collection exhibition during their stay.

DDWS will set up an EVCO informational table at the entrance to the Visitor & Education Center. While there, visitors can purchase Clyde Butcher books, cards, and logo wear at the Refuge Nature Store, profits from which benefit conservation education and research at the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island. Attendees can email shois@dingdarlingsociety.org to receive a 10 percent discount coupon to the store.

Visitors also have the opportunity to purchase a photographic print that Butcher personally has hand-printed, signed, and individually numbered (no discount applies). For each print purchased through the DDWS, Butcher will make a contribution to benefit the refuge.

The fine art prints are available framed in a variety of sizes and price ranges, from 6”x 9” and larger, and will ship to homes and businesses directly from the artist.

“Clyde’s nature art prints have become highly collectible throughout the world, not only for their clarity and aesthetics, but also because Clyde has perfected the labor-intensive process of hand-printing each photograph in his darkroom using fiber-based paper,” said nature store manager and former gallery operator Ann-Marie Wildman.

The exhibition, part of the refuge’s 75th anniversary celebration, is open for free viewing daily from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. through Feb. 5, 2020. Visitors wishing to purchase a print of an original photograph from the collection can do so through the nature store.

“The underlying message to this important exhibition is the value of preserving the fragile Everglades habitat and the quality of our waterways in the pristine state in which Clyde Butcher has captured them,” said DDWS executive director Birgie Miller. “We welcome our EVCO colleagues to enjoy this first-of-its-kind exhibition and thank sponsors Mark and Gretchen Banks for making it possible.”

For more information about the sale of Butcher’s prints and the exhibition itself, contact Wildman at 239-472-1100 ext. 241.

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