Firefighters Extinguish Vehicle Fire; Log 80 Calls Over Two Weeks

Sanibel Fire & Rescue District extinguished a vehicle fire Monday, March 7 in the parking lot of CVS on Palm Ridge Road.

Crews arrived at the scene to find heavy fire to the engine compartment of the vehicle. The fire had gone through the fire wall of the vehicle and entry had to be made through the front windshield and behind the dashboard to extinguish the fire.

The vehicle’s owner told SFD he felt the front brake begin to lock up prior to parking then noticed the vehicle was on fire. Heavy damage to the driver’s side brake area was found by the crew.

SFD logged 80 additional calls from Friday, Feb. 25 to Thursday, March 10:

Special outside fire: 1
Medical-related, including EMS: 51
Extrication rescue: 2
Water rescue: 2
Combustible spills, leaks: 1
Electrical problem: 3
Service call: 1
Smoke or odor problem: 1
Public Service Assistance: 5
Canceled en route: 9
False alarm: 1
Malicious, mischievous false alarm: 1
Unintentional alarm: 2

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